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Conqueror of the Caucasus
A Day Trip to Xinalig, Azerbaijan’s Highest Altitude Mountain Village.

Welcome to Khinalig, one of the mountain villages located in the highlands of Azerbaijan. Here you can admire majestic mountains, cherish local culture and explore the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Khinalig village, with its 5,000 years of magnificent history, is located 57 km from the city of Guba, surrounded by the towering peaks of Bazarduzu, Tufandag, Shahdag and Gizilgaya, at an altitude of 2,000 metres above sea-level. Khinalig is a legendary settlement with rich ethnographic aspects. Since the mountain slopes of the village are incredibly steep, the village houses are built remarkably close to one other, with the roof of one acting as a courtyard for another located higher up.

The people of Khinalig are descended from one of the tribes of ancient Caucasian Albania, and speak the completely unique ‘Ketsh’ language. Villagers and local guides diligently promote Khinalig, often inviting guests to their homes, treating them to a traditional tea table. After some delicious samovar tea, you can visit Juma Mosque at the highest point of the village. Other fascinating sites await discovery, from the mosques of Sheikh Shalbuz, Abu Muslim and Pir Jomard to the village’s Ateshgah (‘Fire Temple’).

Khinalig people have been engaged in nomadic animal husbandry since far back into history. Thousands of families continue this tradition to this day along the Köç Yolu transhumance route, which stretches from mountain pastures to lowland plains. It is a point of great pride that at the 45th Session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, Azerbaijan’s territory ‘Khinalig and Köç Yolu Transhumance Route’ was added to the World Heritage List. The World Heritage Site includes the village of Khinalig, the surrounding grasslands and winter pastures used by the local population, and the adjoining Köç Yolu – the historical migration route that measures around 200 kilometres.


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