In Azerbaijan, there are over 240 sunny days a year, and the UV index is quite high. Therefore, use a hat and sunscreen with SPF +40. Sunglasses are also useful.


If you do not want to be disturbed in the hotel rooms or want to be safe at night from someone trying to get into your room, always lock the door from behind and use the “do not disturb” signs. This will also prevent housekeeping or ‘minibar people’ from disturbing you.


Bringing drinks and food to restaurants from outside or taking food from buffet meals is not acceptable. Some hotels may stop you from doing this, or they may charge an extra fee for it.

Coffee will not generally be included in the meals (lunch or dinner). You can always order it for an extra charge.


Tips are included in the inclusive meals. In taxis, we just round up the fare. As for restaurants, no matter if it is lunch or dinner, when you are not in a self-service restaurant, tipping is required. The tip has to be cash on the table. In Azerbaijan, it is not possible to add the tip to the credit card slip. A suggested tip rate will be between 5-15%. The rate of 10% is the most common.

The 10% service charge included in the bill at some restaurants is “not” the tip.


Azerbaijan is among the most peaceful countries in the world. Although the crime rate is not so high when compared to other countries, rarely pickpocketing might happen in bazaars and on public transportation. So mind it when you are in crowded places in a bazaar or on public transportation.


ATMs are plentiful, and there will be many chances to use them in Azerbaijan. Visa and Mastercards are accepted more often than other types of cards. However, ATMs are sometimes not functioning or run out of money. Make sure you have enough cash.


Credit cards are usually not used by locals in Azerbaijan. Therefore, cashless payments are not sophisticated. International cards can be used in hotels and restaurants in Baku. AMEX cards are not accepted by the majority of POS terminals. Visa and Mastercard are more common. While using your credit cards, the safest thing to do is not to send your card away with a waiter or a shopkeeper, etc. It would be better to ask the waiter to bring a POS terminal so that no one will be able to steal the number on your card.


Contributions to the local economy are very important for sustainable tourism. Therefore, we will have some free time for local interactions & shopping some places we go. Various cities have a lot of nice things to offer.

You can always try bargaining in the bazaars, etc. Even if you are at a modern store where prices are all labeled, you may try bargaining politely by asking if it is their last price.

As a general rule, be happy with what you buy and never compare prices after you purchase something.


Children that you will meet in the streets, at historical sights, or in villages are usually not beggars. If they come to you, most likely, they are just interested and do it out of curiosity, sometimes they would like to practice their English. You can try to talk to them in English or use simple words in the local language. However, be on the alert.


Taxis in Azerbaijan can be any model and color. Any type of vehicle that has a “taxi” or “taksi” sign on the roof can be used. It is better to book a taxi from a restaurant or hotel as they request it from taxi companies, which provide fares in advance. If you hail a taxi on the street, negotiate the price before the journey. None of the taxis have a taximeter.

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